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Help Us Build the Future!

kickstarter-logo-lightDear Culture Club 101 Members and Friends,

Thank you so much for your love and support while we have been shut down. Your encouragement is taken to heart.

As most of you know, we have been working on a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild what we lost…and to create an even better resource center!

Our Kickstarter campaign has officially launched, and this next week is critical!

logo_rfckCulture Club 101 and Real Food Devotee are teaming up to create the Real Food Culture Kitchen, a SoCal community resource for traditional, nutrient-dense Real Food. We want to serve you better, and expand to help even more people. We cannot make this happen without your help and the help of our core community.

Let’s build the Real Food Culture Kitchen together:

  • a commercial kitchen for traditional Real Food preparation
  • a store where you can find all your Real Food pantry essentials, supplies and equipment-advice and troubleshooting included
  • a training, mentoring, and learning center
  • a cafe and tasting room for pop-up dinners
  • expanded product offerings and home deliveries

How will we make this happen?

  • Check out the Real Food Culture Kitchen Project and pledge your support.
  • Receive Real Food rewards for the pledges you make. (Tip: You can pick multiple rewards by using different email addresses.)
  • Share the link http://bit.ly/realfoodculturekitchen with everyone on your email list and all your social media contacts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and with any who would benefit from a change in our food system.
This next week is critical because we are now in “Soft Launch” mode. If you’re able to support our new efforts, it will be most helpful to make your contribution in the next week or so.

The proven strategy is that if funds are already accumulating by the time we initiate the “Hard Launch” to the general public, they will see this as a worthwhile project-good for the community, worth following and supporting. People want to join a winning team!

But here’s the catch: If we don’t reach our goal by the end of November, we won’t receive any of the funds.

If you have any questions or need help navigating the KickStarterwebsite please don’t hesitate to call.

For those who offered to help get the word out, please contact us; we’re teaming up to make it happen now. Time is of the essence!

With Love and Appreciation,

Elaina and the Culture Club 101 Team