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Learn to make healthy and scrumptious liver pâté, yogurt dips, and sprouted grain crackers! Nourish and impress your family and friends with these fabulous appetizers; everyone is sure to want more! You’ll take home amazing pâté, yogurt dip, and sprouted crackers.

Butter, Buttermilk, and Crème Fraîche

Learn to make fresh, raw, cultured dairy staples with all the living enzymes and beneficial bacteria intact. This workshop is easy & fun and has very practical, delicious applications!

Crazy About Coconuts

In this informative and delicious workshop you will learn how to judge a “good” coconut, prepare it, and enjoy the many ways of eating them. You’ll also learn to make and take home coconut kefir, coconut yogurt and other coconut delights!

Cultured Fruits

Learn to culture all kinds of fruits and fruit juices! Fermentation dramatically increases the antioxidants and B-vitamins in fruits, while converting the sugars into food for probiotic bacteria. Your taste buds will dance on your tongue; prepare to be in fermentation heaven!

Cultured Vegetables

Learn to ferment traditional sauerkraut and beet kvass at home! Lacto-fermentation is one of the most ancient, safe, and nutrient enhancing forms of food preservation. In this class we’ll show you how the fermentation process works, and then you’ll make your own jar of kraut and beet kvass to take home and ferment. We’ll sample a variety of fermented foods in class.

GAPS (traditional foods) Cooking Series

Session 1 :: Broths, Sauces, and Soups
Learn about the basics of Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) and how to make the foundational foods of the GAPS diet. Homemade bone broths, sauces, and soups are all traditional foods with extremely beneficial, healing properties. They are full of electrolytes, minerals, gelatin, and many other important nutrients that your body needs during the healing process, all in an easily assimilated, not to mention delicious, form!

Session 2 :: Fermenting Vegetables, Kvass, and Kraut Juices
Another staple of the GAPS diet, fermented vegetables and their juices are full of beneficial bacteria, which help to re-establish proper intestinal flora. Learn to ferment traditional sauerkraut, beet kvass, and other vegetables to increase their digestibility, nutritional value, and to create your own probiotic foods. In this class we’ll show you how the fermentation process works, and then you’ll make your own jar of kraut and to take home and ferment.

Session 3 :: Fermenting Dairy
Learn to how to make delicious raw dairy ferments, preserving all of the vital bacteria, enzymes, proteins, and fats in raw milk. We will cover many forms of fermented dairy that are an important part of the GAPS diet, including crème fraîche (cultured cream), yogurt, and kefir.

Session 4 :: Grain-Free Baking
Being on the GAPS diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious baked goods! In this class, we will explore baking GAPS style using grain-free flours, nuts, seeds, and legumes. We’ll be making and sampling bread, crackers, and pizza crust!

Session 5 :: Sweets & Treats
Learn to make healthy, GAPS-friendly desserts that are incredibly satisfying! We’ll be making and sampling grain-free cookies and cupcakes, as well as coconut truffles. These treats are so delicious; everyone will love them!

Healthy Holiday Beverages

Learn to make delicious and healthy holiday drinks, including Kombucha Pomegranate Cocktail, Beet Kvass Dirty Martini, Lacto-fermented Cranberry Cocktail Punch, Classic Raw Egg Nog, and special bonus drink, Apple Spice Soda. Serving the drinks you learn in this class will put you in demand for the whole holiday season!

Home Beer Brewing

It’s easier than you think to make delicious organic, gluten-free beer at home! This class will teach you the basics of how to make beer, from start to finish. We will go through all the steps involved to brew in your kitchen, as we brew a batch of ale in the classroom. During the brew, we will discuss the basic theory behind each part of the process while tasting some samples of various styles. We will also discuss potential health benefits of homebrew vs. commercial beer, as well as organic and gluten-free brewing options. In an optional follow-up meeting 6 weeks later (no additional cost), we will get together to taste the class-brewed batch, and share any new homebrews.

Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping

Want to help save the bees? Thought about beekeeping in your own backyard but not sure where to begin? In this class we’ll learn all about what it takes to start beekeeping, chemical free, in your backyard. We’ll talk about the beehive and the functions of the different bees in a hive and their life cycles. We’ll also learn about beekeeping equipment, how it works, and where you can buy it, and we’ll learn about how to keep robustly healthy bees, naturally. You’ll feel confident enough to start beekeeping immediately!

Kefir and Cream Cheese

Learn to culture your own kefir and make delicious kefir cream cheese! You’ll also learn to harvest the whey for use in other applications such as soda brewing, kraut making, grain soaking and more. You’ll take home kefir grains and yummy kefir cream cheese that we’ll be making and sampling in class!


Learn how to make authentic kimchi, a traditional, fermented staple of Korea! Kimchi is the most aromatic and flavorful kraut you’ll ever experience. This is a make and take home hands-on workshop!


Learn to culture kombucha in our hands-on workshop and save $$$ on your own delicious health-promoting beverage! Optional starter kits and cultures will be available for purchase at the class. We also offer a continuous brew kombucha class!

Pickles and More

In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn to make and take home lacto-fermented dill pickles, relish, hot pepper mash, and ketchup.

Real Root Beet Floats

Enjoy this early American summer tradition year-round! Make yummy ice cream floats with real fermented sassafras soda and cultured raw ice cream. This is a great class for introducing children to healthy probiotic sodas and nutrient-dense ice cream! You’ll take home a wild ginger starter culture, and optional fermentation supplies will be available for purchase at the class.

Sourdough & Sprouted Einkorn Baking

Learn to work with the ancient heirloom einkorn flours to make breads, scones, waffles, desserts, etc. Taught by our resident bakers.

Stock Up! Soup Basics

What do soups, stews, curries and sauces all have in common? STOCK! Learn to use stock in just about everything you cook and your health will benefit! Chicken, beef and fish stocks are a staple of French cuisine and are used in many delicious culinary dishes. We’ll be exploring, cooking, and eating a few simple, fast, and easy savory delights. So, come hungry and ready to learn the secret of the French chefs!

Traditional Sodas

Learn to make sodas in the traditional, health-promoting way! We’ll be making real root beer and other delicious bubbly beverages. These lacto-fermented sodas are jam-packed with probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and B-vitamins. A stark contrast to todays unhealthy soft drinks, these energetic, live sodas are amazingly refreshing and rejuvenating! Participants will take home a wild ginger starter culture, and optional fermentation supplies will be available for purchase at the class.

Truffles and Treats

Join us to learn how to make awesome raw cacao & almond truffles, raw honey candied nuts, and crême brûlée. Take some home to share! These make great gifts as well as nutrient-dense treats you’ll be proud to serve to your family and friends!

Raw Milk Villi Yogurt

Learn to how to make delicious raw milk yogurt! You’ll learn the secret to making low temperature yogurt preserving all of the vital bacteria, enzymes, and proteins from raw milk. This dreamy, creamy yogurt is made with a rare and delicious mother culture from Poland! You’ll also learn the many delicious ways to prepare and serve this special treat. This class includes a mother culture for you to take home!