Here are a few of the events you can expect to see at Culture Club 101:

Nourishing Traditional Diets

Cultured, nutrient-dense foods were historically a staple of the human diet, providing an abundant supply of life-giving macro and micronutrients, food enzymes, anti-oxidants, fat-soluble vitamins and beneficial bacteria. Many of our ancestors lived long, robust lives, free from the modern diseases and increasing fertility problems that we are experiencing today. This slide presentation is a must for a proper introduction to the works of Dr. Weston A Price. Prepare to be fascinated by the ways traditional peoples ate to sustain health and vitality.

Food & Film Nights

Farmageddon was just one of many films screened at “Food & Film Nights” at CC101. Guests gathered to share snacks or a light meal, followed by a showing of the movie. After the film, guests often stayed to discuss what they’d seen. Other films presented include Fat Head, Fresh, Genetic Roulette, Ingredients, King Corn, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, and others.

Share the Raw Milk Secret

Organic Pastures Dairy Company founder and owner Mark McAfee will be giving a “Share the Secret” Raw Milk presentation. Learn how to build and nourish your immune system through raw milk! The talk combines a colorful presentation, free raw milk samples, and infectious, high-energy speaking to enlighten and inform. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll never look at your health the same way again. Join more than 50,000 raw milk consumers in California who have made this choice and have never looked back!